List of ethics and professional behavior of employees:

The list of rules of business conduct and ethics for the company for the reconstruction of Riyadh, in addition to the various policies adopted by the company, representing all of our highest moral and ethical standards. We have designed this list to enable you to inclusive and broad and clear to the behavior we expect of all employees and board members we have in each location where we practice our business. Although the goal of the Rules of Conduct is to help guide your behavior, but they can not and are not intended to address all circumstances that may be exposed. Do not constitute a manual of instructions on the rules that must be followed in the workplace.

You should be aware that the Company Riyadh Development policies in the operating and investment assets, and data privacy and conflicts of interest and behavior in the workplace, and some of these areas are listed in the list of Conduct for the company. Employees must refer to the policies of “Riyadh Development” in these areas and other areas covered by this policy.

You are responsible for the integrity of your actions and their consequences. Should be judged on the actions in terms of being a legal and just cannot find a non-moral gaps which will not accept an excuse for behavior is straight from your side just as the result of incitement of others or at the request of them. We will not accept any excuse for ignoring or under the nose on your part for any conduct that is unlawful or immoral when others get involved. You must also show that the cooperation of any internal investigation or being on the conduct of government abuse, if invited to do so.

Punishment awaits anyone who breach or violation of the Code or the policies of “Riyadh Development”, and vary the degree of disciplinary punishment according to circumstances, may include punishment, one of the following or more, such as sending a letter calling the attention or the denial of increases or bonuses, in addition to suspension from work It was up to the dismissal and referral to the investigation.

In general, if the law has standards higher than the standards for the Code of Al Riyadh reconstruction or policies, it should in this case, follow these higher standards, and if one of the terms of the Code or one of our policies is a breach of the law, must be subject to the item for amendment to consistent with applicable law. But please do not judge these things according to personal views, when the encounter such a conflict, it becomes absolutely necessary to consult specialists about it in order to accommodate the best way to resolve this situation.

Provides the company’s policy not to undermine or direction of any retaliation against any worker to file a communication on the existence of violations of our policies and provide evidence for his claim or participate in investigations in good faith. But workers who apply to communications they know to be false, or without verifying the accuracy of the information contained therein, and employees who provide evidence they know to be false or without verifying the accuracy of the information contained therein, may expose themselves to disciplinary action which may amount to a dismissal from work.

Does not represent any of the Rules of behavior or internal policies of the company a contract to work, and it does not guarantee in any way the continuation of the employee in his work. of the Code or any other of our policies we do not impose any contractual rights, nor does it represent a guarantee of work for any specific period. It is not intended for the list of behavior and policies of the company granted any rights worker is not provided for by law.

May resort to repair, modify or waive any provisions contained behavior or our policies depending on what we see fit. May, according to the dictates of the law or legislation in force that the Governing Council or a Committee of his commitment to abandon all of conduct for executives and managers will hasten to report any abandonment of the commitment of conduct for executives.

If you have questions about the Code or any of its policies “Al-Riyadh Development Company” or on your own risk ethical, or if misgivings about whether he had acted in violation of the Code or any other policy, or you’re not sure about how to act in the position of the positions, you should discuss this issue with the President or direct a specialized human resources management or internal audit unit.

Can clarify the basic moral rules that govern the activities of the Company as follows:

Integrity and commitment to the law:

Must complete all aspects of our business in an ethical manner that reflects our commitment to the principles of integrity, honesty and fairness. You should always comply with applicable laws everywhere accomplish the company’s business. You should also provide accurate information about yourself, and with respect to all business matters. If unable to do so, they may be subject to disciplinary punishment on our part, and you may be subject to criminal penalties and the like because of violation of the law.

Commitment to ethics when trading data or communication or use of:

Must be business records we have complete, accurate and reliable, and should be prepared and maintained in accordance with applicable laws and in accordance with the procedures of financial accounting and internal control. Must be all the reports that are sent to government agencies (Ministry of Commerce CMA) are met, accurate, stating our policy to disclose our financial mechanism and fair manner in accordance with accounting principles, laws, rules and regulations. Represents the integrity and accuracy in data recording and reporting of major importance to our ability to make responsible decisions in business.

In line with this commitment will not allow the company’s employees to answer any questions directed to them and the media or analysts or investors, or any other individual from the public regarding the financial results of the Company or any matter that may lead to disclosure of material information is not intended for publication.

Maintain the funds and property of the company:

Should address all matters that relate to our money and property of the company and carefully checked and the Secretariat. Will not be tolerated against any attempt to get something from the money or property through theft or embezzlement, fraud, fraud or false statements. Must look at the travel policy. You must protect company assets and ensure that they are used properly and not wasteful. Theft, neglect, waste, things are not only false but also had a negative impact on our performance. These include assets such as intellectual property, the name of our company and our logos and our brands also includes ideas, plans and strategies, computers, telephones, furniture, fixed assets and equipment. Which must conform to any use of company property, with the policies in force.

Protection of confidential information:

You must maintain the confidentiality of all information is not intended for publication, you must not disclose any confidential data to your friends or your relatives or persons other than employees of the company, and you are prohibited from discussing confidential matters as well as private work in public places such as airplanes or elevators or restaurants. As you are prohibited from buying or selling shares of “Al-Riyadh Development Company,” or shares of other parties who have dealings with them If you have a material information is not intended for publication on “Riyadh reconstruction” or on the other side. And you must comply with these rules, even after you leave work at the company, you should see the “Privacy Policy” and “information systems security policies.”

Avoid conflicts of interest:

Conflict of interest occurs when your interests interfere or conflict with any personal manner, or look as if they overlap or conflict with the interests of the company. As the business decisions taken must serve the interests of the company and not your interest, you must avoid conflicts of interest, you should be aware that the mere appearance of behavior is not the straight would destroy the reputation of the company, and staff should refrain from accepting gifts and similar objects value, which has no legal basis or is not correct to accept or instructions could get out of the company, from those dealing with the company, and there are regulations governing the offer or accept gifts or so of the things of value.

Treat colleagues with respect and reverence and to help provide a safe workplace:

Must respect the rights of your co-workers in the fair treatment and equal opportunities, free from discrimination and harassment and retaliation that are not approved by law. You should avoid making any comments or come up with any behavior which could be construed as harassment or that it reflected a bias on your part on the basis of any classification is protected, including, inter alia, include race, religion or national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation or disability. Worth every worker the company that operates in a safe environment free from work hazards, violence or threats of violence or intimidation, we prohibit strongly uttering any ill-verbal or any other behavior involving the threat or display of individuals or property at risk, including the possession of any weapon is not licensed within the company. You should completely avoid the sale of narcotics or illegal use or possession or drug use.


Include a list of behaviors and ethics for employees as follows:

1. Secretariat’s commitment to workers and the observance of conscience and moral principles at all times where they are to exercise their duties and responsibilities, taking into account the interest of the company, employees and their colleagues at work.

2. Committed to working towards the company, including the following:

A – the presence in their places of work as requested by them, or absent from their place of work without obtaining permission.

B – carrying out the tasks entrusted to them effectively and conveniently while maintaining standard levels of professional performance.

C – Compliance with instructions, policies, and work with which does not violate the law or not incompatible with reason and logic.

D – respect the privacy of others and the use of confidential information for business purposes only.

E – Do not use or assistance in the use of assets and facilities, resources and corporate funds for any purpose other than those allocated to them.

And – lack of commitment to responsibility in the name of the company without obtaining proper authorization for that

G – to maintain the qualifications necessary to perform their functions legally and effectively.

H – not to request or demand or to obtain any fees or money or commissions from any person or persons in relation to matters of their functions and responsibilities, and commitment to the company exclusively to pay any fees or expenses related to the completion of work tasks, compliance with the non-access any gifts from any person or entity, as well as failure to provide any services to any party or person may have an impact or a relationship to work in the company.

I – the commitment to the principle of no conflict of interests

Includes non-compliance ethics and professional behavior of employees as follows:

1. Falls not to adhere to the principles mentioned above in poor professional behavior, while insisting on is the lack of commitment to those principles and / or recurrence of this bad behavior of professional grave.

2. Poor behavior by the professional staff to alert them and warning them, while a lack of commitment to insist on professional behavior, bad behavior and committing serious professional to dispense with service of a worker without notice or warning.

3. The bad behavior of serious professional of the things that lead to the termination of the contract between the worker and the employer (the company), and includes professional serious bad behavior of the following examples, but not limited to these examples:

A – Refusal to perform work tasks assigned to the worker properly, or refuse to comply with the implementation of the instructions issued by the managers as not contrary to law, or not incompatible with reason and logic.

B – attack or threat of attacking any of the employees or customers within the company’s various sites.

C – to act as a threat of danger to the security and safety of workers or customers.

D – Falling under the influence of alcohol or drugs while at the workplace.

E – access to any of company property or customer property without the right.

And – to provide any information or intentional false statements in any of the records of the company.

G – to act deliberately or carelessly, or lack of familiarity with proper disposal, which can then cause damage in any of the large property company

H – repeated lack of commitment to ethics and professional behavior of employees.

4. Should not be underestimated formal disciplinary proceedings, in the case if the company confirmed that there has been violation of the Rules of professional ethics and behaviors of the company’s employees, the disciplinary procedures are applied to the official market.


This policy applies to all employees.


If you have any queries or questions regarding the interpretation of this policy it is to direct these questions to the Director of Human Resources Management.